Apache Web Server In Kali Linux

Originally this post is written in jun 11, 2014 and last updated November 27 2015. This article is not related cheap webserber, web hosting, business web hosting, cloud hosting or any type of dedicated hosting service. This article define only local webserver on Kali Linux for local Penetration testing.

What are Web Servers?

Web Servers is a type of servers, that delivers web pages to the clients as per their request. Every Websever has an IP Address and domain name for identification. Server Administrator can make local webserver setup. Client access the web pages through Web browser like Google chrome, Firefox, safari etc. You need to enter URL or IP address into the address bar of web browser and page will be delivered by Web server scripting. If you enter cyberpedia.in in Address bar it will be serves by Web Server.

How toWeb server Setup in Kali Linux

In kali Linux you don’t need for web servers setup because Kali linux has pre installed apache2 fastest webserver by default. hacker and pentester can deliver web page contain malicious code to the victim by the help of local webserver. We can trap to them by using social engineering method for example Phishing. There are other uses the HTTP service in penetration testing. it manage dedicated web server capacity to deliver pages, and have  webserver load balancing.

Using the Graphical user Interface to Start Stop, and Restart the Apache web Server in Linux

It is the easiest way to start, stop and restart the Apache service in GUI mode. Select Applications from the top bar of the Kali screen, next sub-menu bar will be displayed, Select Kali Linux menu, another fly-out display bar will appear, then go on the services menu, again next fly-out menu bar will display, In this bar web service can be start, stop and restart.

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Once a selection happened, a command shell will open and the status of service will be displayed. When the Apache server has been started, the default page will be display by typing Attacker’s ip address in the web browser. IceWeasle is default web browser in Kali Linux distribution.

Using Command line interface to start stop and restart the Apache Server

It is easy to start, stop and restart Web Server using the simple command in the terminal /etc/init.d/apache2 followed by requested action (stop, start or restart). Following commands are used
#/etc/init.d/apache2 start

#/etc/init.d/apache2 stop

#/etc/init.d/apache2 restart

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Another way to start, stop of restart Apache2 service by following commands

#service apache2 start

#service apache2 stop

#service apache2 restart

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The Default Web Page

Once the Apache service is up and running the default (It works!) page may need to be changed, to do this make the web content that ought to be showed on the page and spare it as index.html in the /var/www/ index. Then again, the current index.html document at this area could be modified what’s more new pages might be included.

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