How to use Kali Linux SSH Server and client

Kali Linux SSH Server

Kali Linux SSH server is installed by default. you need to just start, stop and restart service to activate it . As you know very well Kali Linux operating system is used for penetration testing and Security auditing, by the SSH it can transfer files secure with its clients. you can configure ssh server in Kali Linux easily.

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What is SSH Server?

ssh stand for Secure Shell is a more secure method of accessing file system of Kali Linux remotely. SSH make a secure and encrypted communication channel between computers. By the help of SSH pen tester can transfer files occur without being inspected by network security tool for example IDS (Intrusion Detection System) IPS (Intrusion Prevention System).

Generating SSH Keys for Kali Linux SSH Server

Encryption keys must be needed to create secure and encrypted session between computers and use SSH securely. The following command is used to generate these keys in Kali Linux.

First move the original SSH keys form their default directory into new directory, however don’t delete them.

#mkdir –p /etc/ssh/original_keys

#mv /etc/ssh/ssh_host_* /etc/ssh/original_keys

#cd /etc/ssh

Generate new SSH keys

#dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server

Start and Restart the SSH Server

#service ssh start

#service ssh restart

Using GUI To Start, Stop, and Restart SSH service

The SSH server is incorporated with the principle document structure of the Kali GUI and is got to in the same way that the Apache server is begun or ceased. To access the SSH menu, select Applications from the bar at the highest point of the Kali screen. Starting from the drop that is exhibited select Kali Linux, an activity that will result in a submenu to be shown. From this menu select System Services, which will show an alternate menu, select the SSH alternative on the fly-out menu. This will show the choices to start, stop, and restart the SSH services.

SSH Server In Kali Linux-image01

Start, Stop, and Restart SSH service by Command prompt 

Command Line is a easiest way to start stop and restart ssh service. SSH service being performed, start, stop, or restart is added after /etc/init.d/ssh as following command

SSH Server In Kali Linux-image02

#/etc/init.d/ssh start

#/etc/init.d/ssh stop

#/etc/init.d/ssh restart

Another way to start SSH service is start, stop or restart the services by using following commands

SSH Server In Kali Linux-image03

#service ssh start

#service ssh stop

#service ssh restart

Accessing the Remote System Online

One the SSH Server is configured and SSH service is started on the Kali Linux System, the system can be accessed remotely from Linux system by entering following command

SSH Server In Kali Linux-image04

#ssh username@IP_address_Of_SSH_Server

Access Remote System by PUTTY SSH client in Window 10

SSH Server can be accessed by Window clients. They will require extra tools like putty that is available from

SSH Server In Kali Linux-image05

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