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Scanning With Nmap Using Output Options in Kali Linux

Penetration Testing: Phase 2- Scanning: Part 4:

Output options in Nmap

There are ordinarily that the penetration tester does not need the Nmap scan to be output to the screen but instead saved to a document. This is possible by redirecting with the pipe command (j), yet for this part the Nmap scan output choices will be eiscriebed. These include ordinary, XML, and Grepable. For these examples, the metasploitable target at will be utilized and the fitting broadening will be utilized with the document name “metascan”.

-oN Normal Output

The –oN option will create a text file that can be used to examine the scan results or use as target file for other tools.

#nmap –oN /Destination_Location/metascan.txt

-oN Normal Output in Nmap

-oX Extensible Markup Language (XML) Output

This –oX option is used to input into a number of different tools for evaluating or processing

#namp –oX /Destination_Location/metascan.xml

-oX Extensible Markup Language (XML) Output in Nmap

-oG GREPable Output

Grepable yield is regularly utilized by penetration testing to permit further examination utilizing tools like GREP, however can additionally be looked utilizing apparatuses like AWK, SED, and DIFF.

#nmap –oG /Destination_Location/metascan.txt

-oS ScRipt Kidd|# Output in Nmap

-oS ScRipt Kidd|# Output

While not utilized for genuine penetration testing, the script kiddie output can be enjoyable to use now and again. This output technique ought not be utilized for genuine outputs as it uses the “leet” talk utilized by numerous that generally penetration tester would call “script Kiddies.”

#nmap –oG /Destination_Location/metascan.txt

-oG GREPable Output in Nmap

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