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How to install, Setup FTP Server for Ubuntu

This article will cover how to install,setup FTP server for Ubuntu 14.04, 15.04 and other Debian based Linux.  You can create a ftp server. FTP server allows to client to download and upload to ftp server. Here I am telling another server  is ftp secure. it is ftp ssl and sftp file transfer .

FTP Server

FTP File Transfer Protocol is a TCP protocol for transferring files between computers both downloading and uploading. This method does not use encryption to transfer files and send user name and password in clear text. Hackers can easily intercept user credentials easy.
FTP works as client/server architecture. The server called an FTP daemon. It waiting for ftp requestes from clients. it received message and create connections between server and client

Install ftp Server on Ubuntu

A big question for you how to setup a ftp server? if you dont know I will provide command line instruction to do this just follow the given isntructions.

sudo apt-get install vsftp

Configure ftp server

sudo gedit /etc/vsftpd.conf
edit as per videos

Start ftp service

sudo service vsftpd start
enter the root password

Log on ftp server

ftp <ip address of server>
provide user name and password

Video Tutorial of Install ftp Server on Ubuntu


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