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Android for beginners-Part 1

This article marks for an inception of something new, something cool, something to brag about and something that makes you feel more tech savvy. Android started to come to the surface in 2008. Since then, billions of gadgets from thousands of companies have embedded it …

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Top 7 tech news stories of 2015

  The ending of 2015 has come. This year pushed everything to a new era, every tech into a new direction and every life to a new opportunity. So, lets’ discuss in brief the Top 7 tech news stories of 2015 Vote on NetNeutrailty: The legal ambiguity …

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Download Video by Downloader in baidu Software

Download Video by free Downloader in baidu Software

Download Baidu web Browser free Baidu software  is a powerful web browser that provides powerful media download feature which allows users to download the video and MP3 sources from videos with higher speed. this is alternate of Chrome browser, and formally known as Baidu spark. This …

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How to Create a System Restore Point

How to Create a System Restore Point

Restore point in windows Creating a system restore point in Operating System is a way to protect system from unfortunately crashes. restore point is pin of stored state of computer,s system files you can use restore point to store your earlier computer system, it is affect …

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