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Http 2 for the new age?

What is http 2? Well.. take a wild guess A new major version of http (duh?) and its second major update based on SPDY/2 to rev up that web performance to the point of awesome. HTTP/2 is developed by the http working group of IETF(Internet engineering …

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Lifi May trump the Wifi

Lifi: Using light for data transfer Lifi gets its jam from Visible light communication. That is, light is used to transfer data here rather then radio wave becoz you know Light is faster then radio…wave…I think or I making half this BS. Anyway, so light …

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World’s Cheapest Computer!

Today, a DAMN hopeful post comes to your way.  And this hope comes from Raspberry Pi, the charitable foundation from United Kingdom responsible for their best selling systems introduced Raspberry Pi Zero the World’s Cheapest Computer. What’s more that it just’s cost 5$…5$ , that’s like the …

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Fallout 4 Funny ass bugs!!

As i live and breath the air of my own piss because DOGMEAT KEEP FINDING SHIT, Its time I talk about Fallout 4 and HOW AWESOME AND BALLS TO THE WALLS THIS GAME IS ,DAMMMNNNN!! But just like an all eternal bethesda tradition its gloating with awesomely funny …

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