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Network Scanning for Live Host by Kali Linux

Ping Sweep by using kali linux 01

Live Host Scanning by Free LAN network security IP scanner software Nmap “Nmap is best network vulnerability scanning software or one of network security audit tools used to scan LAN network. In this article I will use nmap network scanner to scan network.” It is a free network discovery software.  …

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Introduction to Scanning Phase of Penetration testing

After completing first phase (reconnaissance) of Penetration testing by Penetration tester, they will enter into second phase scanning. The main aim of scanning phase is to gathering specific information about the computers and devices are connected with the targeted Network of the organization. Throughout this …

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Adding Repository in Kali Linux

Adding Repository in Kali Linux image 0

Stored data code, software, file, documents on Kali Linux git bare repository At the time of updates and upgrades, by default Kali Linux checks only the application stored on its own data repository. This is good for the Kali users. Some updates an upgrads could make …

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whois command line tool for domain in Kali Linux

What is WhoIs? A whois is a command line  utility as a part of the information gathering used in all of the Linux-based operating systems. this tool is part of information security assessment, and one of  information gathering techniques.  there are a lot of  information gathering strategies. It …

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Downloading and intallation of NESSUS

Downloading and installing nessus on kali linux

Downloading Nessus Download Nessus 5.0 or higher from Select 32bit or 64 bit Debian packages as per you Operating System. Read agreement of terms & condition and if acceptable agree to the statement by hit on Agree button. Remember the location where the Nessus’s …

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How to Configure Wireless Cards In Linux

How to Configure Wireless Cards In Linux_image

Configuring the wireless card can be accomplished using Graphical mode described before during the GUI configuration of the Network card. In This case Select Wireless tab in the Network Connections Pop up box instead of selecting wired tab. Click on the Add button from this …

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Network Interface Card Configuration in Kali Linux

Using The Command Line To Configure Network Interface In Kali Linux _featureimage

  LAN Network Setting for Ethernet Connection Network interfaces (LAN adapter, wireless adapter, usb adapter, fast Ethernet) are responsible to connect and make communication between two or more computers in a network. If network card is not configured properly, then you are out of network and …

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