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Downloading and intallation of NESSUS

Downloading and installing nessus on kali linux

Downloading Nessus Download Nessus 5.0 or higher from Select 32bit or 64 bit Debian packages as per you Operating System. Read agreement of terms & condition and if acceptable agree to the statement by hit on Agree button. Remember the location where the Nessus’s …

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How to Configure Wireless Cards In Linux

How to Configure Wireless Cards In Linux_image

Configuring the wireless card can be accomplished using Graphical mode described before during the GUI configuration of the Network card. In This case Select Wireless tab in the Network Connections Pop up box instead of selecting wired tab. Click on the Add button from this …

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Network Interface Card Configuration in Kali Linux

Using The Command Line To Configure Network Interface In Kali Linux _featureimage

  LAN Network Setting for Ethernet Connection Network interfaces (LAN adapter, wireless adapter, usb adapter, fast Ethernet) are responsible to connect and make communication between two or more computers in a network. If network card is not configured properly, then you are out of network and …

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Debian Package Manager

debian Package Manager_image01

In Kali Linux, only those Software Packages can be installed by APT utility, which are available on the source for free. Kali Linux built Debian 7.0 base Operating System and may need third party software packages such as Nessus. Debian Package Manager only used to …

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apt-get package handling utility in Kali Linux

APT Package Handeling utility

Package Management by apt-get The APT package handling utility known as “apt-get” is powerful command line tool for managing software package. It is used for installing and removing packages in Linux. It is installed packages along with their dependencies. Dependencies are the additional packages required for other …

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Create Kali Linux Free Virtual Machine/Computer

How to create Virtual machine_image1

What is Virtual Machine? Virtual Machine (VM) is a logical Machine inside computer works like physical machine (Real Computer) it is created by using Virtualization Software like VirtualBox and VMware. Virtualbox is best and free Software. We can create virtual machines for Windows, Linux, Mac …

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